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India has been ravaged by various disasters in the last decades. There have been innumerable lives lost and families separated because of the disasters. Millions of dollars’ worth of livelihood and equipment destroyed in a single instant. A lingering fear and despair haunts the place years after the event. The floods in Kurnool, AP and Bihar, India, the tsunami in south India, the earthquake in Bhuj, kellari, India have left haunting memories for the residents. They are left with nothing to rebuild their lives. The people in these areas suffer not only physical but also emotional distress as well. They have seen their families and neighbors, perhaps even heard them calling for help when they could do nothing. They are left with desperation, as they are expected to start over again with nothing in their hands.

Volunteer at ESCO

There are so many ways to volunteer at ESCO, just take time to think about your interests, your passions and your talents before you begin so that you make a choice that satisfies you. Contact the ESCO team and choose the type of responsibility that you would like to focus and help in fulfilling the objectives of the organization. Fund-raising abilities, event management, data management and volunteer coordination skills will be put to good use.
If you're a people person, your skills could be very useful to interact with the public in different communities. In order to volunteer at ESCO please sign up online or send an email and show your interest at esco_usa@yahoo.com, Insha’Allah ESCO team members will contact you immediately.

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