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Items for Marriage  : • Bed/Bedset /Almarah/Dressing Table/Utensils/Dinner Set/ Dresses for Bride with moderate cost • Grocery items in some cases
Eligibility criteria  : • Orphans/Children of widows • Below Poverty line cases

Orphan Girl Marriages

The poor and underprivileged families in India are unable to pay huge sums of money as dowry to the bridegroom at the time of the marriage, which often pushes them under heavy debt and loans. Because of this situation also crushing poverty, countless families are unable to have their daughters and sisters get married. In such circumstances the young girls end up getting into illicit activities to make a living. Our effort is to curb such activities by getting these girls get married by providing some basic amenities to start their livelihood. ESCO extends the support to orphan girls also to the poor parents in their difficult situations by providing financial support to buy necessary gift items for the marriage. ESCO also offers some financial assistance to offset other marriage expenses. Depending on the region, it costs approximately $1000 to support the marriage of one young woman. One can sponsor full expenses or two donors can match $500 each. You can donate your ZAKAT/SADAQAH to support these marriages.

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