Medical Assistance to poor and underprivileged people:

In India poverty, absence of social security and medical insurance to the poor makes the rural people extremely helpless in the face of life threatening diseases. The malnourishment even adds more vulnerable situation to them. These circumstances and inadequate health facilities in rural areas and urban slums compounds their problem even worst. Poor patients often suffer to life threatening diseases if timely medical assistance is not provided. Therefore ESCO has realized the importance of providing medical services to the poor and needy people particularly in remote villages and urban slum areas.

Organizing Medical Assistance Programs

ESCO is extending the support and organizing medical assistance programs to benefit poor families with your generous donations in partnership with other non-profit organizations in India. ESCO has provided funding to MESCO Hyderabad to operate a diagnostic cum poly clinic center in India. This new medical center is serving the poor families of more than 50 villages in and around Zaheerabad which is on the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in India. ESCO is planning to provide funds to open such more centers in different parts of India where poor and extremely helpless people can avail medical support. These centers would provide free services to poor and others can get on a discounted price who can afford.

We sincerely appeal you to donate generously to help us to help your fellow brothers and sisters in India who can`t afford expensive medical services.

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