Back to School Program

As we all know when a school year begins for children, they must have basic supplies to attend the school. Due to increasing poverty, many families in India are forced with the decision of buying food or school supplies for their children. Even majority of schools in the rural villages and urban slums do not have enough text books to teach the children, leave alone any writing journals for the children to practice their writing skills. The situation is very serious. As a result, teachers have to copy out texts stemming from their own copy of the books, while the children do their work on scraps of old paper. In some schools, where the situation is a little better, five children share one text book, some pens and pencils amongst each other to complete their homework even parents can`t afford to buy them. How can anyone learn anything under these conditions?

School Supplies

ESCO is therefore making an appeal to you to donate generously to provide school supplies like: text books, children story books, pens, pencils, crayons, exercise books, notebooks, drawing books, school bags, calculators, rulers, and any other materials that they need. There are two options to donate that is you could donate $200 (USD) to provide stationary for a whole classroom, or $1200 (USD) to provide text books and notebooks for the entire school. Please help us to make a difference, and enable children to have the basic necessities needed to create an adequate learning environment.

School uniforms

The majority of students who attends school in villages and urban slum areas are in torn school uniforms or ragged old clothes. Therefore ESCO aims to provide free school uniforms for those impoverished children in the villages and sub-urban communities. As little as $10 (USD) buys a child a decent quality school uniform. An even better idea would be to buy the school uniforms in bulk. This not only saves you a lot of money, but also enables you to change the lives of several pupils at once, instead of focusing on only one child. To give you an idea: $1500 (USD) provides school uniforms for an entire school of 300 plus students. We sincerely appeal you to sponsor this back to school program and a make difference in the life of these unfortunate children.

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