Self Employments

    Skill development program to assist youth in getting employed.
  • Courses offered:
    •     ITES /BPO
    •     Tally (Accounting)
    •     DMG Pro (Digital marketing and Graphics)

  • Last batch stats:
    •     54 students graduated
    •     80% success rate – Job placement
    •     20% Placements in-progress
    •     Cost per candidate is around $300

  • Providing sewing and tailoring training to uneducated and poor girls/women
    •     Completed 8 batches since it’s inception
    •     200 graduated from the center so far. 100 graduated in 2018
    •     Just $500 to sponsor 10 candidates

    Micro Finance:
    •     Daily Wage Earners & Street Hawkers take 100% of their income home with interest/riba free financing
    •     Short term loans helped many small businesses. It enabled them to run their business interest free and helped them pay it back faster and be independent on their own
    •     Same money is used to provide interest free loan to other needy individual

Self Employeements

ESCO has established six Vocational Training Centers across India under the supervision of local NGOs. Almost 400 students are getting trained every year from these 6 center. The Training in Tailoring and Embroidery is provided free of cost to make them self-sustainable after they graduate.

  1. MMF Vocational Training Center at Mahabubnagar.
  2. MMF Vocational Training Center at Nellore.
  3. ZOHRA Vocational Training Center at Gulbarga.
  4. RAHBAR Vocational Training Center at Hyderabad.
  5. AFFUS Vocational Training Center at Nalgonda.
  6. Furqania Vocational Training Center at Rampur.

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