Welcome to Education

Founds provided to Understand Quran Academy of Hyderabad, India for the following tasks:

Welcome to Education

  1. ESCO in partnership with ALIG is doing LEP Jharkhand The “LEP” (Learning Enhancement Program) project is an All-Round Development Program. It is a step towards a positive school environment which will support overall development of a child. The project aims to reach out the underprivileged community of East Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, by implementing needbased learning enhancement activities in government schools. The project is themed around English language, environmental awareness and personality development of children through extracurricular activities. The prime objective of this project is total quality improvement and personality development in the life of target students through a holistic approach of development in the learning process. The project emphasizes upon strong implementation strategy, measurement of expected progress and results in quantifiable terms through continuous monitoring.

  2. ESCO supported As-Sathiq Organization’s to construct Chemistry block that enable Annai Hajira College in Melapalayam Tamil Naidu to Start offering B.Sc Chemistry Course from year 2018 . This help to promote higher education among the young Women in general, and Educationally backward Women in particular who are identified as economically and educationally most backward.
    Students Accomplishments: By grace of Allah this past year several students are able to secure university ranks. Details are in attached profile document.

  3. ESCO sponsor 30 Students of Ideal information Center for Disabled (IICD) . IICD provides boys and girls the correct knowledge of Islam with Tawheed, Risalat and Akhirah combining with the modern education through Sign and Braille languages. Everyone deserves due love and respect and this fact doesn’t change when some organs of a person are impaired or he or she is not endowed with a whole body. What really matters is his or her heart and conduct. ESCO believes everyone has right to reach its high potential and it’s our duty to enable all to lead normal lives with dignity and self-reliance.

  4. ESCO in Partnership with Hadia is supporting HADIA Moral School that focus to develop and modernize village-level Primary Islamic learning Centres (Maktab) by affiliating each Minority populated villages of India in to a Centrally Monitored Academic System.

  5. Sponsor 30 Students of 11th and 12th grade with Rahmani30 Program that will develop and prepare students to compete on the entrance examination.

  6. Support provided to individuals directly.

  7. Over 2,000+ individual scholarships awarded so far.

  8. Back to School Drive - Supported 2,500+ Orphan/Poor students.

  9. 150+ full scholarships awarded in 2018.

  10. Average cost to sponsor education for a kid is just $250/annum.

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