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ESCO focus is to provide more efficient and sustainable assistance in Educational growth, Health care, Social, Charitable and Economic development programs. ESCO pledges that it will make every possible effort to preserve its donors' trust and to ensure the delivery of donations to those who are in need. As always, your donations are tax deductible.

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Udhiya/Qurbani 2023

Our Success Stories!

* Providing Telehealth Service 24/7 for COVID-19 treatment
* Providing Free Medical Services by operating mobile clinic helping 13,000 patients a month
* Hut to home project in Banashankari, Bangalore slums benefiting 5 families.
* Running a medical clinic in Karimnagar serving about 1000 patients a month
* Constructed Chemistry block in Annai Hajra College in Melapalayam, Tamil Naidu.
* Sponsoring Parwaz - Youth empowerment center by providing training
* Partnering with local NGOs in Jharkhand, India for Learning Enhancement Program (LEP)
* Adapted 3 schools in UP, India and sponsoring 6 highly trained teachers
* Sponsor 30 Students of Ideal Information Center for Disabled (IICD) in Hyderabad, India
* Distributing Ramadan Food Packets in various states in India
* Sponsor 100 plus individual applicants for education, healthcare and orphan marriages

Our Success is due to your support. Please continue Your support!

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ESCO Projects

Welcome to the ESCO website; please browse through our website to know more about activities.

Education Projects

Orphans in India suffer the most hardship because of the lack of governmental programs to address their educational needs and economic welfare. Often, orphans in different states in India are supported by their local community at a bare minimum subsistence level. The untapped potential of these orphan children to become contributing, law-abiding, responsible citizens of the country is severely hampered by a lack of educational and economic opportunity.

Educate an Orphans

ESCO believes that only through systematic educations these people can be alleviated above the poverty line.

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Establishment of Schools

ESCO supports Indian charities to establish self-help and training centers, schools and other educational institutions

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Scholarship program in to extend support to such poor and needy Children in India

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Back to School

ESCO provides school supplies, text books, school uniforms

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ESCO (Educational Social Cultural Organization), Inc., is a US based 501 (C) (3) registered non-profit charitable organization with Tax exempt ID: 27-5465237. We are dedicated to provide relief and charitable assistance to alleviate the poverty of destitute people. We strive to bring hope among the underprivileged people of India through Education and Socio-Economic development.

Khalid Rasheed


Ishaq Ahmed

Vice President

Shahjahan Shaik


Imran Syed

Joint Secretary

Iqbal Moinuddin

Joint Treasurer

Qudrathullah Alvi


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Your Donations at Work

  • Provide Free Medical services to poor and needy by operating Mobile clinic equipped with Doctor, staff and medicines in slum areas of Hyderabad. On Average free medical service provided to 1300 patients every month since its launch in 2017.

  • Run Ruman clinic operations in Karimnagar that provides free medical services to poor and needy benefiting 1000 Patients every month since its launch in 2016.

  • Looking at urgency and immediate need ESCO established 3 Telehealth service to provide 24 hrs helpline to assist Covid-19 treatment of mild to moderate cases and spread awareness to prevent the spread. So far successfully treated close to 400 patients.

  • ESCO Sponsor construction of Chemistry block that enable Annai Hajira College in Melapalayam Tamil Naidu to Start offering B.Sc Chemistry Course from year 2018.

  • ESCO Sponsor Parwaz – Youth Empowerment center an initiative towards building employable skills of youth while helping them seek deserving employment opportunities. We were able to provide placement to 71.6 % of trainees with salary ranging from 7,000 INR to 20,000 INR.

  • Partnering with Local NGO Adapted Govt School District in Jharkhand With The LEP (Learning Enhancement Program) project is an All-Round Development Program. It is a step towards a positive school environment which will support overall development of a child. Benefitting 500 students across the school district and bringing down the school dropout rate.

  • Adapted 3 schools in UP India with Local NGO. Sponsoring 6 high trained teachers to teach 3 subjects benefiting 300 plus students.

  • ESCO sponsor 30 Students of Ideal information Center for Disabled (IICD) in Hyderabad. IICD provides disabled boys and girls with the modern education through Sign and Braille languages. ESCO believes everyone has right to reach its high potential and it's our duty to enable all to lead normal lives with dignity and self-reliance.

  • ESCO sponsor Hut to Home project in slum areas of Banglore. Remodeled and built 5 concrete homes benefiting 5 families.

  • ESCO sponsor 100 plus individual applications for Education, Health care and orphan marriages. Each applicant on average receiving 50,000 INR. Key success is in education area where we are sponsoring education on continuous basis with yearly renewals till the candidate achieves his/her goal. 2 Doctors and 5 engineers graduated in 2019.